Meet Judy

Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant

I’m very passionate about helping families get the sleep they deserve to live happy, healthy lives. My mission is to teach parents to open their minds to the science of sleep, learn that we all have the skill in built in us and teaching their children to tap into this skill is the greatest gift they can give to them. I have 13 years extensive experience and have helped thousands of families across the Globe. I speak at organisations and schools presenting on the Importance of sleep and how to establish healthy sleep habits. I train and coach sleep consultants across the Globe and I am also a proud mum of two girls.

I believe that sleep is essential to a child’s development, and a family’s mental health and well-being. Sleep is a basic human need and should never be viewed as luxury, the benefits of healthy, consolidated quality sleep are simply non debatable!

Judy Clark Gasper - London's Best baby Sleep coach
Judy Clark - Family

I Have Been Where You Are

I know how painful it is to go through sleepless nights with a child because I went through it myself.

When my daughter Jannah was born, I was euphoric. For the first two weeks of her life she slept as well as can be expected and everything was blissful.

Then something changed…

Suddenly my contented little baby didn’t want to sleep anymore. She’d wake up crying every hour demanding to be fed. I tried everything—rocking her, giving her a dummy, lying beside her, walking her in the pram—but nothing seemed to work.

I finally reached the breaking point.

It happened when Jannah was eight weeks old. I had been walking her in the pram for an hour trying to get her to sleep and went in to the supermarket to buy a few things. While I was at the check-out she woke up and started screaming.

“Something has to change” I thought.

When I got home that day I started researching everything I could about getting babies to sleep. I started following the advice and that night for the first time ever Jannah slept for seven hours straight without waking!

This was a miracle for an eight-week-old baby who had been up every hour for six weeks straight. Finally, I was living the motherhood experience I’d always dreamed of.

“We worked with Judy for both of our children; the first was when she was 7.5 months and still struggling to sleep, and the second was when he was 6 weeks and we didn’t want him to struggle to sleep! Both babes were exclusively breastfed, and both learned how to sleep through the night. Judy is a true miracle worker. Years and months later, respectively, both of our children are still well-rested, great sleepers, have a dedicated schedule and routine, and all of us are so much better because of it! Judy really listened to us, accommodated my idiosyncratic concerns as an anxious new mother, and tailored her recommendations to us and our children as individuals and as a family. I was so strung out, and Judy brought me back from the brink. I recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances struggling with baby and child sleep. I truly cannot express the extent of my gratitude. Her kind influence really changed our lives for the better. I rest easy knowing I’ve given the gift of sleep to my children.”