Expert Sleep Coaching for Expecting Parents

Are you expecting your first child and feeling overwhelmed? We understand that getting enough sleep can be a challenge for new parents. Our expecting parents and postpartum parent education programs provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to understand what to expect when bringing a baby into the world. 

  • How long should a newborn be awake?
  • Is the nursery setup and safe?
  • How to I know if they are getting the right milk and sleep
  • What is the best nap schedule for a newborn? 

At BabyWinkz, we provide expecting families with the support they need to make the transition to parenthood.

Expecting Parent Course

What Makes Us Different?

BabyWinkz is London’s leading baby sleep coaching service, renowned for its personalized strategies that cater to each infant’s unique sleep needs. With an unparalleled commitment to both baby and parent, BabyWinkz transforms restless nights into peaceful slumbers, ensuring the whole family wakes up rejuvenated.


Unmatched Expertise

With years of experience, BabyWinkz stands proudly as London’s top-rated baby sleep coaching service. Our deep understanding of infant sleep patterns ensures that your baby transitions into sound sleep routines effortlessly.


Tailored Sleep Coaching

We recognize that every baby is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. At BabyWinkz, our strategies are individually crafted to resonate with your baby’s specific needs.


Safe Methods

We prioritize your baby’s safety and well-being. Our techniques are not only effective but also align with the latest child-care research and standards.

Judy is an angel sent from above! For any family out there feeling lost in the muddle of baby sleep, Judy is the woman who can transform your lives! Our little girl (1 year, 3 mo) was waking every couple of hours during the night and had been since she turned 4 months. Within one night of implementing Judy’s suggestions, she slept through the night and has continued to do so ever since! She was so in tune with our needs and our baby’s needs and we felt extremely well supported throughout her programme. Thank you Judy for bringing restful sleep back in to this household! We really can’t recommend her enough and will be telling all our new baby friends about her.”

Expecting Parents Coaching

We help guide you in what to expect when your expecting. Navigating a newborn for the first or next time brings new questions, challenges and experiences we are happy to support. 

A Preliminary Discovery Call & Goal Setting

We discuss your questions and review your goals, to help you through navigating a newborn.


A 60 Minute Consultation & Written Plan

A one hour consultation, to help support you as you prepare for babies arrival. We also provide a comprehensive written plan.

Virtual Sleep Environment Assessment

With so much going into preparing babies arrival, we review their sleep environment and offer advice to ensure it’s conducive to great sleep.

Two 30-minute Check-In Coaching Calls

What now? Don’t worry, once baby arrives and questions pile up, you have 3 months to use 2 calls with us, to ensure your questions are answered as positive sleep habits emerge.


Expecting Parents

Support for Navigating a Newborn