Client Testimonials

These reviews offer a candid look at the transformative effects of our sleep coaching services, showcasing not just better sleep for children, but happier, more rested families. Dive in and discover how we’ve helped countless parents reclaim their nights, restore their sanity, and build a foundation for lifelong sleep success.

Before we hired Judy as sleep consultant, our 4-month-old was waking every 2-3 hours in the night. I’d nurse him to sleep as it was the only way I could be sure he’d go back to sleep, and I was too tired to try anything else. Naps were a catastrophe, never longer than 40 minutes and usually in the buggy or on me as I couldn’t seem put him down in his cot without him waking up.

Now our little one sleeps from 7pm-7am, no night feeds or comforting necessary. If he wakes, he’ll chat himself back to sleep. Naps are going really well, he now sleeps for 45 mins and then 2 hours, all in his cot. He rarely cries when put down to sleep now, either. Judy was very supportive throughout the sleep training, always replying to my worried emails quickly with reassuring words. The catch-up calls were timely and well spaced out; as soon as a problem or question arose it was quickly addressed.

Within 3 nights our little guy was sleeping 11-12 hours at night, and within 2 weeks the naps were fairly consistent and have only gotten better. I am quite a nervous first-time mum and had a lot of concerns about whether sleep training was the right thing to do, but decided it was worth trying – I’m so pleased we did it, it was not as scary as I thought it might be and our little guy adjusted so quickly. Life is so much better at our house now that we are all getting a decent amount of sleep, and we have Judy and the Sleep Sense programme to thank for that.